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What is Shiojiri City Tourist Association?

Shiojiri City Tourism Association was established in 1955.
We are promoting the following tourist spots and activities.
1. Two traditional historical towns called “Narai-juku” and “Kiso hirasawa.”
“Narai-juku” was one of the post towns on the Nakasendo highway ruled by the Edo shogunate.
“Kiso-hirasawa” is recognized as the Kiso shikki craftsmen’s town. About 150 Shikki companies and over 700 people work in this area today.
2. Traditional Japanese hand craft “Kiso Shikki.”
The 28th Winter Olympic Games was held in Nagano in 1998. The medals were made in this area using Kiso Shikki techniques.
3. World famous “Kikyougahara Wine.” Recently many international wine competition nominees/enthusiasts are from this area.

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