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City of history and tradition

Located in central Nagano, Shiojiri City is situated before a majestic background of mountains fondly referred to as the Japan Alps. A beautiful rural city with an area of 290.18㎢, Shiojiri is rich in greenery and fresh water. With an average temperature of 10°C (51 degrees Fahrenheit) and an average yearly precipitation of 1,279mm, Shiojiri has proven itself a particularly good environment for growing fruits and vegetables.

The manufacture of watches and other precision goods has flourished in this pleasant atmosphere, as has the development of information technologies, while the trademark industry of Shiojiri is its wine production..

Throughout its history, Shiojiri has been a central point in transportation. Its name, "the end of salt," refers to a formal salt trade route that originated near the Japan Sea in the North, and terminated at Shiojiri. Today there are JR train lines, highways, and national roads running from Tokyo and Nagoya, through Shiojiri, all the way out to the Sea of Japan.

1959, the year that Shiojiri became a city, witnessed the beginning of a grassroots campaign for city development. With its central location and the enthusiastic cooperation of its citizens, Shiojiri strives to make continued progress in society; in information, industry, culture, and tourism.

Kiso Lacquer ware

Kiso Hirasawa's shikki became a popular Nakasendo souvenir in the Edo period.
While retaining the traditional crafts, artisans have been able to adapt these techniques to create products that complement contemporary lifestyle, so even now, people are overjoyed to receive such a gift.

Kiso Lacquer ware

Shukuba-machi (Post Station) Narai-juku

At the hardest part of the Torii Pass, Narai-juku became an extremely prosperous post town among the 11post towns in the Kiso-ji, also know as the "Narai of a Thousand Houses ".

The rows of shops and houses with exceptionally preserved old-time ambience were nationally selected as an important preservation district of historic buildings in May, 1978.


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